March 25, 2014

Tuesday - Warmish and Sunny

An odd day!

I woke up this morning because the living room light was on and F was having a panic.  He'd lost his car keys and couldn't find them.  He tore our bedroom, the kitchen and the living room apart, but nothing.  I got up and helped him a bit, but had no luck either.

I get quite upset when F is in panic mode, I'm just not made to ignore it.  He decided to ride his bicycle to work, so I had to help him find the pump and advised him to take a cloth out to wipe the dust off first!

I was up early, and just stayed up.  It was ages before my alarm went off, but I didn't feel I could sleep.  

F popped in three more times during the day, so every time I was almost relaxed, he would come home and tear up the apartment again.  So annoying.  During one of his visits, he told me that his party wasn't today, it was tomorrow.  I was so looking forward to some peace and I didn't get it!  However, maybe tomorrow I will.

When F came home from work I suggested he call JAF (the Japan Auto Club) to see if they would/could open up the car.  He did, but they wouldn't be able to come for two hours.  

We looked for the keys again, but nada.  We waited.  Finally, they came and F was able to get into the car and get his spare set of keys.  Yeah, I'm not sure exactly why his spare set was INSIDE the car…I don't like to ask.

Anyway, we went out to dinner to the Chinese place we sometimes go for lunch.  It was nice.  I had spicy tofu on rice and sweet and sour pork, F had a small ramen and some chicken.  It was nice.

We came home afterwards and finally relaxed a bit. I made some tea and we chilled out.  F has just gone to bed and I'm still up.

Tomorrow F will be away for sure and I will have my lovely day to myself.  I have lots of plans for it, so come back tomorrow and see what I get up to!  Night.

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