April 13, 2014

Sunday - Sunny and warm

A good day!

Well, as I promised my husband, I got up early (for me) on Sunday morning. I was out of bed a bit after 10 am.  I checked email and then got dressed just before 11.  

We drove to Yuza and went to the restaurant he'd read about.  It was on the second floor, and it was nice.  We ordered a main course each, and then were free to have as much from the buffet table as we wanted.  I was really pleased that there were a good supply of vegetables there.  F and I had a really nice meal.  He had sashimi as his main dish, I had pork stew.  For some reason when he told me what it was, I heard pork cutlet!  I was surprised when it arrived, but it was fine. 

We ate lunch and then left.  We had a quick look around the shops in the area, but only bought drinks for the way back.  We detoured in Sakata for a minute, and then went to the Aeon Mall.  We hacked the hardware shop, where I was the person to get stuff.  I got new VHS tapes and 3 used DVDs.

Then, I went to the craft section of the store.  I wasn't planning to buy too much, but I ended up with a low heat glue gun, a new crochet hook, and another ball of hoooked by Zpagetti.  This one is pink with white polka dots.  

We came home and dropped off our stuff.  We spent a bit of time on our computers, then around 4:30 we headed out again.  We went to Machikine again and this time we saw The Best Offer.  It was a fabulous little thriller with Geoffrey Rush playing an art expert and auctioneer.  We both enjoyed the film so much.

After the movie, we talked about dinner.  I suggested a place, but it looked like it was closed.  Whether it was a Sunday close or a permanently close, we weren't sure.  Then, F suggested The Grand El Son.  We went there and had a really nice meal.  We had their pasta and pizza set for couples and it was very good.  We had appetizers, salad, carbonara and 4 cheese pasta.  It was all nice.

We came home via the grocery store.  I got a few things for tomorrow night, including some weird Japanese mountain vegetable.  F suggested rather strongly that I buy it.  We'll have some chicken, potatoes and this odd stuff!

We had a nice quiet evening together.  I am having a hard time believing that we didn't fight this weekend, but it is true.  

In other news, the cherry blossoms are out in the park, so I may try and run off and see them tomorrow if I have time.  I have so much to do though, and honestly, not much time to do it in, so I need to buckle down.  Until then!  That's it for me.  I have to run.  Night.

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