April 16, 2014

Wednesday - Cloudy & warm

An interesting day.

I got up this morning and took a shower, then went through to the living room and turned on the TV.  I watched TV while F went off to the dentist.  He was back really quickly!  I think he was only there for 15 minutes or something.  

He came home and I was a tad miffed as I had hoped for more time, but it was okay.  I watched my shows then we went for lunch after 12.  

I suggested going to the chicken izakaya, so that's where we went.  I had a fried chicken set meal and F had ramen in chicken broth.  I thought mine was good, F was okay with his.  We came home again and discussed my going to his doctor's appointment with him.  I did offer to go and hold his hand, but he refused at the end.  Finally, he left and I got some time alone in the apartment finally.  

F came back over an hour later with a huge bandage on his big toe.  He was barefoot too.  No socks.  I couldn't help laughing at the size of the bandage.  He didn't have any shoes that would fit over his foot, so I suggested getting a pair of sandals.  However, F decided he could make do by cutting a hole in the top of an old pair of runners.  

We vegged around the apartment for a while until it was time to think about dinner.  We went out to Jiro, our old favourite.  We had our usual dish, pork saute in garlic oil and it was good.  As we were about to leave, F said that his foot hurt in the shoe. It started out being comfortable, but didn't end that way.  I suggested trying the shoe store after all.  

We paid the restaurant, then drove over to Shoe Barn.  We looked at some sandals and then I found a pretty good pair.  They had a back strap and the parts over the foot opened and closed with velcro.  That meant that they could accommodate F's foot.  He ended up getting that pair.

We bought a few groceries and came home. F's been in a lot of pain and took some medicine.   
A while ago, he knocked over his glass which shattered all over the floor.  Sigh.  I didn't want him to try to clean it up. He had bare feet and I had visions of him getting bandaged on the other foot too.  I cleaned it up, but I did prick my thumb on a sliver of glass and it bled quite a bit.  Poor me!

F fell asleep on the couch and was out like a light for hours.  I tried to wake him up two hours ago, but he didn't.  He finally woke up and now is getting ready for bed.  

That's it for me. It was an odd day. I did get a start on my Journal column though. It's an odd one, not a review column for a change…at least for now!  Tomorrow I have the day to myself I hope, so I'll be writing and cutting up old tee-shirts if I have time.  Wish me luck!  Night.

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