April 22, 2014

Tuesday - Sunny and warm

A good day.

I got up this morning bright and early.  It was before 9am and before my alarm went off too.  Strange!  

I watched a bit of telly, had my usual morning really.  F texted me and asked me out for lunch today too, but I said no.  He told me he'd be off work tomorrow.

In the afternoon, I wrote a couple more postcards and then scanned them all.  I stamped them and decided to go out to mail them.  I went off to the further away but next to the bank post office.  I took out some money and then went to the post office.  I bought something, and then I sent it, plus another package away.  I mailed my postcards and then came home.  

It was a lovely afternoon.  The trees in the park still have a most of their cherry blossoms, it was slightly windy, but warm…a nice day to be out.  

I came home and got a phone call from F just before 5 pm.  He said he was going to be late, he didn't think it would be too late, but he wasn't sure.  I used the time to cut up another t-shirt and then pulled the yarn.  

F didn't come home until 8 pm.  He'd had to do some after-hours driving for work.  He was fine though.  

We went out for dinner, we went to get gas first and then to Bikkuri Donkey for dinner.  We both had the salad/burger dish.  It would have been quite healthy if it hadn't been for the two side dishes we got too!

We came home afterwards and had a quiet evening in.  We watched the last bit of Romeo+Juliet which wasn't bad, then I watched Criminal Minds and started or re-started the bag I am planning to make for the Convention workshop.  It's going well.  

That's really about it for tonight.  Tomorrow F will be off work, so after the morning, I have no idea what I'll be getting up to!  Night. 

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