April 27, 2014

Sunday - Hot and sunny

A nice day.  We both went to bed a bit late last night, but not a big deal.  This morning I slept it, but F was up early of course.

I did get up for a minute or two and turned on my alarm so I wouldn't sleep forever.  It was a good idea because I was up before noon, which put F in a good mood!

We got decided to go to the Komagi spa buffet for lunch today.  It was a little busy, but I thought most of the food there was okay.  F was upset that they didn't have sashimi so wasn't too pleased.  He still ate a lot of food, so I don't know why it mattered.  After lunch we looked at the veggies but didn't buy any. I wanted some of the asparagus, but F wouldn't let me buy it.

After lunch, we headed to the Chido Museum where F renewed his membership.  We went to see the newest art exhibition.  It was "modern" art, sort of cubist if I'm allowed to call it that.  I hated most of it! It was a lot of straight lines and boxes on canvas.  Not my cup of tea.

When we finished in the museum we headed out to Mikawa.  Spiderman was on at 5 and we wanted to be there.  We got to the mall early and then hacked around a bit.  I got a baking tin in the hardware store, and then in Aeon Jusco I got a new purse and F and I got new socks.  We dumped our stuff in the car and went up to the theatre.  I gave F the theatre point cards and went to buy popcorn.  A couple of minutes later he was beside me telling me that I'd given him the wrong cards!  I gave him the ones for the theatre in Tsuruoka, not Mikawa!  Great hilarity resulted. F said the guy didn't look too mad or anything.  Whew.  I gave him the right cards and bought our popcorn.  

We went to see The Amazing Spiderman 2 and it was amazing.  We didn't see it in 3D because our theatre only showed the Japanese version in 3D, but it was great.  I really enjoyed it.  I enjoyed  the film as it was more about Peter Parker than Spiderman.  He's more interesting anyway. Definitely worth seeing.

After the movie we had a drink at Seattle's Best and discussed dinner.  We decided to go for okonomiyaki around the corner from the mall.  We did that, and had a very nice and filling meal.  We decided that even though the okonomiyaki had different ingredients, they tasted very similar! 

When we finished dinner, we headed back to Tsuruoka and got a few things for tomorrow's dinner.  I'm going to do pasta again, this time with salmon instead of shrimp.  I hope it'll be nice, I really do!  

I watched a bit of TV at home, F relaxed on his computer.  He's back to work tomorrow, for one day then off for the Tuesday holiday. 

I'm not exactly sure what I'll get up to tomorrow, hopefully it'll be fun.  I did a couple of postcards up tonight so I'll have to scan and then send them, plus I need to do some laundry for the upcoming holiday.  Wish me luck with it all!  Got to go.  Night.

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