April 28, 2014

Monday - Cloudy and a bit muggy

An okay day.

I got up at a decent time this morning and decided to take my shower bright and early.  I still had mousse in it from the wedding on Saturday and looking in the mirror, I knew it was time to take care of it.  Billy Idol wanted his hair back!

That done, I got on with my morning. I had breakfast and worked on computer stuff.  F phoned just after 12 to invite me to lunch so I went.  We just had Kappa Sushi and it was okay. It wasn't great, and we had to leave before some of the stuff we ordered arrived…they took a long time.

In the afternoon at home, I continued doing laundry and scanned my two cards.  I ran them both off to the post office and came home quickly.  When I was back, I vacuumed the apartment.  It looked much better afterwards.  I think the maid was hoping the fairies would come in and clean!

F was supposed to go to the doctor tonight, but didn't.  He wasn't in the greatest mood when he came home. He seemed a bit disjointed or something.  

I started dinner fairly soon after he arrived.  Of course I had to clear the table.  I also mentioned to dear hubby that I really appreciated him washing the dishes that I didn't get around to, but I would really suggest that he empty the dish drainer first.  I get tired of wet dishes put on top of dry dishes.  Sigh.  He said he'd try.  Yay!

Anyway, dinner was simple. It was pasta Alfredo with salmon and a side salad.  It was quite nice.  

We had a quiet evening really.  I watched Lost and worked on my T-Shirt Bag, then came back to my computer.  I had originally planned to do some T-shirt cutting, but someone had spread crap all over my previously cleared off table, so I had nowhere to do it. 

That's about it for me for tonight.  I'm a bit worried about tomorrow.  I'm beginning to lose my patience with F. It isn't really fair and things have been going well, but I feel like I am not allowed any  time to myself to do what I want.  Even today, I couldn't eat the lunch I wanted to at home…I had to go out.  

Tomorrow we do have plans to do laundry, then I'm not sure what.  I'd like to keep things low key and cheap! We're going away on the weekend, so I'd love a little more me time first.  Wish me luck with that!  Night.

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