April 3, 2014

Thursday - Sunny but muggy

An okay day, sort of!

I got up early this morning, I couldn't sleep that well.  I watched Covert Affairs and afterwards tried to take a nap.  I really felt strange this morning.  The TV also had a tsunami advisory warning on it almost all day.  It was a bit odd, especially since Hawaii had all but cancelled theirs and Hawaii is closer to the place the earthquake happened (Chile).

I had a quiet day really.  I did some laundry. F phoned me and asked if I'd like to have lunch. I said no and hung up on him.  I didn't feel that good, plus I was (and still am) angry with him.  

I moped around this afternoon, didn't really accomplish anything.  When he came home, he got out his computer immediately and didn't say anything to me.  I had said hello when he came in and got a grudging hello from him.  I felt really bad, so I took my novel and then went to the bedroom to read.  I got into bed and read for a bit, then tried to sleep.  After a bit, I got up and then went back to my computer for a while.  

When F still didn't say anything and didn't ask about dinner, I decided to do it myself.  I grabbed my jacket and purse and biked off into the night.  I went to Bikkuri Donkey and had a pretty nice meal.  I read my book and ate.  Of course, I dropped a peace of chicken down my shirt, but it was an old one anyway.  

I biked home and then after a while I made some tea, which I offered to F.  He had some and things have been getting friendlier since.  There's a big storm coming and he isn't feeling well because of it.  

That's it for me.  Tomorrow if the weather is bad I'll likely stay home, but if it is nice, I'll hopefully go out for a bit.  If I stay home I'll probably try and do some work on my craft.  If I do some cutting I can do some more crochet.  Yay for that!

I have to go.  Talk to you tomorrow?  Night.

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