May 12, 2014

Monday - cloudy & rainy

A good day.

I got up before most of my alarms this morning and came through to the living room.  I should have taken a shower, but I didn't. I watched my shows, had some breakfast and then got dressed.  

In the afternoon, I scanned some of my cards and also a few postcards and photos that I brought back from Canada.  It was fun!

I got ready to take my stuff to the post office, I went outside and was just undoing my bike lock when I heard the tapping sounds of rain on the roof of the shed. Darn it!  I checked for rain, it wasn't strong, but I decided to just chuck it in for the night.  I'd ask F to mail my cards on his way to work. 

I came inside and watched a bit of TV and relaxed for a bit. I searched for some recipes for dinner, watched a bit more TV, the usual.  I was waiting for F, but he didn't come home until after 7.  

In his absence, I had cleared and set the table, and had begun to gather my ingredients for dinner.  When he came home, I got set up and started cooking.  

Tonight's dinner was French Toast, and it was yummy.  We had it with bacon and salad, plus canned peaches for dessert.  F was a bit of a goof though.  When he finally came to the table to eat, he started to pick up the French Toast like it was regular toast.  He was in the process of bending it in half when I told him off!  I said to use his knife and fork!  I think he must have been tired because he has had French Toast before!  

We enjoyed dinner, and F did the dishes. Yay.  The rest of the evening was quiet. I watched a bit of TV, including Lost.  Last night when I watched it, they said that next week it would be on at 5 in the morning.  Like I'm going to stay up that late!

In the evening we had some quiet time. I am looking forward to cutting up some t-shirts tomorrow as they are finally dry.  Then I can get crocheting and hopefully finish off my bag. Come back tomorrow and see how I get on.  Got to go.  Night!

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