May 16, 2014

Friday - Rainy

A good day!

I got up early this morning for a change!  I even made the bed early, and got dressed too.  

I had a quiet morning, partly on my computer, partly on the couch.  I even scanned the postcards that I planned to send in the morning. 

I had planned to go out, but the rain came up when I wanted to leave, and Four Weddings and a Funeral was on NHK.  What to do?  I haven't watched it in ages, so enjoyed myself immensely.  I got very verklempt during the funeral again.  

Later on, the rain didn't let up.  I went out to the lobby of the apartment building and did my sweeping.  I think I saw almost all of the female neighbours today!

When I was done, I came back in and thought about going out, but didn't.  The weather never did clear up.  I did a bit of crochet and waited until F came home.  

He came home quite late, with an interesting story. He'd witnessed something strange this morning while he was driving, so he called the police.  He had to wait until they came so part of his driving was an hour late.  

I cooked dinner tonight, it didn't take very long.  We had salad, kabocha, and salmon meuniere. The later was from frozen fish and it was nice!  During dinner, the police called F a couple of times.  He was asked to go to the police station later in the evening.

I did the dishes tonight while F got ready to go out again.  He left and was gone for well over an hour making a statement.  

I spent the time watching TV and taking care of my internet addictions!  I had some tea and relaxed.

F came home again, and after some TV, is now getting ready for bed.  He has some things he has to get done this weekend, and even talked about taking my bike to the shop tomorrow.  That would be lovely!

Anyway, that's about it for me.  I had a good and quite productive day.  Tomorrow, I hope will go well too.  Night! 

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