May 17, 2014

Saturday - Rainy and cold

A good day.

This morning I got up to an empty apartment.  I tried to watch Gordon Ramsey's cooking show, but the reception was terrible.  I made the bed and after a bit took a shower.  

I was nearly dressed when F came home.  He'd had a busy morning replete with doctor's offices, and taking his mother shopping.  

We had some toast and tea and then F surprised me by asking me to go for lunch to a fish restaurant that we hadn't gone to before.  We went there and it was okay.  I had a kind of pickled salmon set meal.  We got a lot of food for our ¥1000.  There was rice, sashimi, cod soup, chawanmushi, turban shells and stingray.  I tried everything, but didn't like the turban shells.  F got two of my three.  There was so much food, I was too full!  The downside for me was that they didn't have English-style tea on the menu.  The drinks on offer were coffee, or orange or grapefruit juice.  I try to avoid citrus these days.

We came home and F took my bike to the bike shop.  A little after he came home, I went to bed to sleep.  I slept for a couple of hours.  

When I got up, we decided to go to a movie.  I sent F off to pick up my bicycle.  He brought it back and told me that I might have to get new tires soon as the tread is very worn down on the ones I have.  It makes me think about perhaps getting a new bike.  Perhaps.

We went out to have dinner before the movie and although we were headed one place, I asked F if he'd like to go somewhere else on the way.  We ended up at Bikkuri Donkey!! and it was a good choice.  I had hamburg steak with pineapple on it, F had a curry dish.  

We went over to the theatre to see the movie.  The parking lot was full.  Apparently there was a festival nearby and people were using the theatre's parking spaces.  We used the overflow and got one of the last spaces!  There was a problem with F's customer card, so it took a few minutes to get everything sorted, but then we went and sat in the lobby.  Machi-kine is showing a film featuring jelly-fish, so in the lobby there were two tanks set up with jellyfish in them. F and I sat near them and took lots of photos.

The film, Do You Know My Name?, was a documentary about a programme designed in Japan to reverse the effects of dementia.  The documentary took place in the US at a nursing home and the results were very promising.  There were a few problems with the film as a film, but the  actual subject was interesting.

After the film, we came home and watched some TV.  We checked out Gordon Ramsey's Hotel Hell tonight and it was quite funny, sad and scary.  

That's about it for my day.  It was quite good really.  I have no idea what I'm going to get up to tomorrow.  Come back and find out! Night.

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