May 7, 2014

Wednesday - Warm & Sunny

A nice day.

I woke up at 7 this morning and realized that F wasn't there. He had already gone to work, which really surprised me. He doesn't officially start until 8:30…don't know why he does that.  He must be dedicated.  I rarely showed up before I had to when I was working.

I got up before 9…it was nice to sleep in for a bit! I snoozed a bit on the couch but roused myself in time to watch Friends and Charmed.  I had breakfast too, and then decided to get dressed.  I was taking things a bit too easy!

In the afternoon I decided to go out and have a late lunch.  I biked off to S-Mall and did a little shopping, then had a sandwich and a tea in Doutors.  I drank and read my Journal at the same time.  It was lovely to get out of the apartment under my own steam.  I did a little more shopping and then came home.

F came home soon afterwards and relaxed for a bit.  He was quite tired.

We discussed dinner plans and ended up going to Cocos.  I had their version of Coq au Vin, F had a hamburger patty with salad and veggies, tomato sauce and rice.  I thought his looked nice, but he was ambivalent about it.  Mine was quite good.  We shared dessert today as they had a special on for Mother's Day.  It was a mango crepe, but I made F take all the bananas and oranges!  I didn't want them.  It was nice.

We came home after a quick trip through the grocery store.  I watched a bit of TV and did some Postcrossing.  Strange thing though, I haven't received any new cards in 3 weeks.  I hope everything is okay with my mail delivery!

We had a quiet evening.  F is taking tomorrow off to do some paperwork, so I'll have him around tomorrow.  I hope everything goes well.  We've been getting on very well lately, but I'd really like a little time to do things like laundry and unpacking! Wish me luck with that.  Night.


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

I wonder about the Postcrossing method of selecting recipients. Sometimes I get a bunch of cards on Monday then nothing the rest of the week. Yesterday I received two consecutively numbered cards from Russia from two different people. Postcrossing has some way of selecting recipients but I haven't figured it out yet. Sometimes I wonder if they send out your name after you get an address to send to, rather than waiting for that card to be registered, because I tend to write a bunch of cards at once, then I receive a bunch of cards at once, even though my cards are registered on various days.
Sorry, I can't write coherently, but hopefully you know what I mean.

Helen said...

I've had something really similar as the Russian situation that you described. I've had about 3-5 cards from Russia with incredibly close numbers arrive usually either together or really close to each other.

It's been 3 weeks. I'm starting to wonder if we have a new mail delivery person who doesn't know I live here?! F has his name on a big nameplate hanging on the door, but I have both of ours on the nameplate beside the door. It shouldn't really matter if they read the apartment number. I have a different name than my husband! I should be able to get mail anyway.

They've been changing a few things at the look of the pages. I'm not a fan yet. I imagine it'll grow on me, but it hasn't yet.

Thanks for visiting :-)