June 12, 2014

Thursday - Cloudy and rainy

Slightly better day.

I had a bad night last night.  I tried to sleep on our couch but it is made out of leather and it was too hot.  I ended up going back to my bed at 2 so I got a lecture from F about that.  Sigh.  I told him that I didn't want to fight about it right then, so please bring it up the next night.

He was a bit noisy in the morning, didn't turn off his alarm again.  I so love having to turn off someone else's alarm.  

Anyway, once I got up, I started working on my craft projects.  I did a lot on the scrap-buster I'm doing, and then started another one I adapted from a necklace on the internet.  I got it finished today too and it looks rather cool.  

I had a late breakfast, watched a bit of TV and my tape from last night, then some other stuff, while I crafted.  

When F first came home he was a right twat if I may use that expression.  He came in shouting at me and yelling that he had to go to a meeting.  He tells me that he told me on Monday that he had this meeting.  I have absolutely no idea when he did that.  I actually think he was too busy shouting at me on Monday to be coherent about anything.  

He left for an hour, then came back.  I asked him if he'd like to go for dinner to Gusto and he said it was okay.

We went, and although he was very grumpy, I think it helped.  We had dinner, then on the way home got some groceries.  I didn't buy much, just some yogurt and some soy milk.  

When we came home again, I was yelled at for a bit.  He thinks I should go to bed at 11 and get up when he does.  I think he's crazy.  I told him yesterday that I'm not a farmer and I don't have to keep farmer's hours.  He didn't like that, but it's true.  I got off the farm as soon as I could.

Anyhoo, we've been watching TV and using our computers for the last couple of hours.  I had some tea, the first hot tea in days. It was so restorative. I feel almost human again.  I'm planning to go to bed early tonight, but not at 11.  

Tomorrow I have one last craft project to finish up and hopefully I can work on my column.  If not, I'll hopefully have enough time to finish it before I leave on Thursday.  To say that I can hardly wait for Thursday is an understatement!  A few days of freedom is just what I need.  

That's it for me for today.  I have to go.  Night.

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