June 5, 2014

Thursday - Cloudy with a bit of rain, cooler

An okay day.  Well, last night when I went to bed, F ended up getting up…and staying up all night.  When I woke up he was in the living room watching TV.  I went back to sleep, he went to work.  

I got up at my usual time, watched tv, had the same old morning.  In the afternoon I planned to go to get my hair cut, but it rained outside.  I waited a little and then did a bank run instead.  After that, I went to McDonald for a little bit of tea and ice cream.  I read my Journal there and relaxed for an hour, then headed home.

F was a tad late tonight, and very quiet.  He didn't say much to me and went to bed soon after he came home.  I went in to talk to him later and suggested going out for dinner. He didn't want to eat, but did agree to take me out.

We had dinner at Gusto and it was nice in my opinion!  I had a burger with avocado on it, F had avocado and tuna on rice.  I thought his looked nice and if I wasn't avoiding rice, I'd probably have had that.  

We bought a few groceries afterwards.  F told me he only had a little money with him, so I brought in our total under that. Yay me!  

We came home and F did his usual evening stuff, eventually. He was so tired, I felt sorry for him.  

He went to bed around midnight.  I got to watch The Good Wife tonight which I really enjoyed.  It's a smart, well written show. Hurray for that.  

And I now have three entries for the postcard on my blog.  Yay!  I'd love to have more, so if you are reading this and would like a Maleficient postcard, please sign up here!

That's it for me for today.  Tomorrow I'm going to meet up with my friend and her little boy.  We will be buying train tickets.  That should be fun!  Got to go. Night!

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