July 14, 2014

Monday - Warm and Sunny

Happy Bastille Day! 

An okay day.

I got up this morning long before my alarm went off, checked my email and did my usual sort of thing.  I did a bit of crochet today too, so that was nice, but I had a really hard time staying awake.  

In the afternoon I had some lunch, which was quite good, and then did a few little apartment things.  I also did a load of laundry later on. 

When F came home, I was already working on dinner.  I had most of the veggies prepared and just needed a few pointers from him on the one I hadn't cooked before.  He asked me to cook my stuff before he cooked his.  Mine didn't take very long, so I got it done and then he roasted the fish for us.  I didn't know that he planned to make miso soup for us, so told him I didn't want it.  I felt a bit mean, but I hadn't wanted it.  He had two bowls of it! 

After dinner, which was nice, I did up some of the dishes, and F did up the rest.  We spent a fairly quiet evening after that.  I asked for suggestions about where to take my friend and her child for lunch on the long weekend, but when I wasn't thrilled with his "fish restaurant" suggestion, he was mad at me.  

I did a few postcards up tonight.  I'm sending them all over.  I had quite a few of mine go through today, so thought I'd better build up my numbers again.  

And that's about it.  It wasn't the greatest of days, but it wasn't too bad really. Tomorrow I'll try and get out to the post office, and maybe go and run a couple of errands.  Wish me luck with it.  Night!

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