July 20, 2014

Sunday - Hot and Sunny

A good day.

I got up at noon, or just before today.  F asked about lunch right away, so I got dressed and a little while later we went out.  We went out to a fish restaurant that has a quite good and low cost lunch.  I was happy with my lunch, F a little bit less so.  I had sashimi, F had chirashi sushi.  

After lunch we drove to the hardware store to look at bike handle grips.  I'm having a problem with overgripping my handles when I ride my bike, so I am hoping to get a new, more cushioned grip.  F wouldn't buy one because he wanted to check my bike first, so off home we went.  At home, we checked my bike and then went off again, to the bike shop?  Nope, the internet cafe.  There aren't a lot of bike handles available there.  

Anyway, we went to the internet cafe and got massaging chairs and I spent a happy 3 hours there drinking soft drinks and crocheting.  I also got to watch a couple of cool TV programs, Arrow and Almost Human.  I enjoyed them both.  We left around the time our 3 hours were up and F wanted to go for dinner.

He picked an izakaya, so that's where we went.  We had a pretty good meal.  One thing we were both impressed with was a hot vegetable salad. That was very nice.  Lovely cooked vegetables with a yummy sesame dressing.  We also had some yakitori, yakisoba, and caesars salad.  It was mostly very nice.  

After the meal we came home.  I checked email and such and decided to watch Magic Mike.  I'd seen the first part when I was in Niigata, but couldn't see the end as I had to check out!  It was okay, but not great. The dancing was hot, and the actors too, but there were quite a few characters who really didn't get much of a story at all.  That was a shame.  

And that was pretty much my day.  I had a good one.  Tomorrow F and I are going out with a friend and her son, then we hope to go and see a museum or two if we're all up for it.  Come back tomorrow and see how we all get on.  Night!

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