July 4, 2014

Friday - Muggy and a bit rainy.

A good day for most of the day.

I got up early this morning and had a shower. After that I checked email, and had a quick breakfast.  I did a little crochet and watched my shows.  At 11:45 I went outside and met up with my friend.

We had lunch at the Daiichi Hotel. It was really nice, but the waitress kept trying to speak English to us.  She really could speak English, we realized after a while, her husband was American.  It was a little unfortunate because we just wanted to talk to each other!  Also, the soup of the day was cold tomato…it tasted good, but I'm a tad itchy now.  

Along the way, we also had some ice cream at Doutor and had her watch fixed too.  In other words, it was a nice day!

She dropped me off at home and I went in.  I changed and after a little bit got started on dinner.  I chopped, washed and other wise did a lot of work in the kitchen.  I was looking up something when F came home.  He was complaining about having a headache so he went to bed for a while.  I told him I'd work on dinner and then call him in an hour.  

In that time I caramelized some onions and also cooked beans, set the table and did a bunch of stuff to get ready.  I pre-heated the toaster oven and then called my husband.  He came and we kicked dinner into a higher gear.  I made the first pizza.  I put tomato slices, basil, cheese, a little bacon and a little caramelized onion on the base and popped it into the oven.  F started making his pizza too, but he put lots of stuff on his!  You know what? It didn't matter…they were both terrific!   Dinner was nice.  We had green beans and salad to go with the pizzas.  I really enjoyed dinner. It took a lot of work, but it was almost worth it.  

F did the dishes and then worked on finding a good trip package for us.  The ones he found seem to be really expensive and I am worried that he's getting carried away.  I'd much rather stay home and not waste money.  Our little trips to other countries have been pretty awful lately.  

I've been doing my computer stuff and watching TV.  I'll be finished this soon, maybe I can do more crochet tonight! Anyway, tomorrow I hope we'll have the rest of the pizza stuff for lunch tomorrow and then see Maleficent somewhere along the way.  Come back tomorrow night and see what I get up to.  Night!

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