July 6, 2014

Sunday - Sunny and hot

A good day!
I got up in the morning, just.  I took a shower after F took his bath, and then we discussed where to go for lunch.  I had plugged for Grado last night, F wanted to go to a fish place.  I won!  Yay.  

We had a nice lunch at Grado-pork with a honey mustard sauce and cold tomato soup plus a few other nice things.  While we were there we noticed that there was a concert going to be held there on Tuesday.  Anyway, to make a long story short, we are going to go there and see it. It's quite nice because we'll have dinner there too. I suggested to F that we walk over from our apartment and that way he can have a drink if he wants.  

After lunch we went over to Homac and Yamaya.  We didn't buy anything in Homac, but got a lot of goodies in Yamaya.  I picked up some pasta sauce and sunflower seeds, usual kinds of stuff.  We also made a quick run to a 100 yen shop to get a few containers for things.  I'm getting a new box for my postcards.  I have a full one, and I have so many postcards now that I need another case for them!

We came home, dropped things off, and then headed out to the Internet Cafe.  We spent 3 hours there, even had supper.  It was a good call I think. It was cool inside, we were both able to get massaging chairs today and it helped my back a bit.  Hurray for that.  

After our time was up, we went to the grocery store and picked up a few things for tomorrow night's dinner.  F picked the menu for a change, so I hope he likes it!  

We came home and I spent time on my computer, F spent time on his and booked us a trip, I think. I'm a tad worried but I think he knows what he's doing!

Tomorrow I have some postcards to send out, and I may do a bit of a tidy around the apartment. It could definitely use it.  I'll probably have a quiet day, at least I hope so. That's it for me.  Night. 

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