August 13, 2014

Wednesday - Sunny, with some cloud

An okay day until the end….

My day began when F's alarm clock went off.  He raced back to the bedroom to turn it off, and did, after I handed it to him.  I went back to sleep.  The next time I woke up, his cell phone alarm was going.  I had to really wake up to turn that one off.  He was gone, so I had the feeling that he'd be back soon.  I had dozed off again and there he was.  He didn't even say thanks for handing it to him, or goodbye.  

My alarm went off a few minutes later, and then I got up, got dressed and went for a walk.  I walked off to the park, did two laps today, and then came home.  As I got back to the apartment building we got a surprise shower so it was good timing really.

I had a nice relaxing morning and then F called and invited me out for lunch.  I said yes and then he picked me up after 12.  We went to Sukiya today and it was busy. We were very lucky to get a seat.  We had to sit at the counter.  F also wouldn't talk much to me.  I asked him what the point of taking me out to lunch was if he didn't want to talk to me!

I had a quiet afternoon back at home.  I got a postcard from a friend on holiday, and a postcrossing card.  I did my computer stuff and before F came home, got started on dinner.  

When F did come home, he was in a bit of a mood.  I wasn't sure why.  I got on with dinner prep, and then he took a bath.  I decided to keep cooking while he was there.  When he came out dinner was ready.  He ate, but didn't eat like he did last night.  I did!  I was quite hungry.

F did the dishes and we had a quiet evening for a bit.  I turned on the TV at 9 and offered to make tea.  I made a pot for us, and we were discussing tomorrow's plans, and where we should park.  I disagreed with his idea as I thought it would be full and he snapped my head off and told me he wasn't going to go anymore.  I told him it was fine, I'd go by myself.  

He turned off the TV and demanded that I not talk to him anymore.  I told him off at that point.  I've had enough of it.  I told him I was his wife, not his slave and I wouldn't stop talking.  I left the TV off for a while, but turned it back on at 11.  I used headphones.  Halfway through the show he turned on the air conditioner.  I asked him if he meant to and he said he did.  I pointed out that the windows were open, so he closed one, and closed the door to the other room.  It was crazy.  

All of a sudden he disappeared, I guess to bed.  He left the air conditioner on.  I turned it off.  I don't understand it.  I didn't need it on and I'm usually the person who does! 

And that's about where I am now.  I prepped the garbage for tomorrow. If he doesn't take it out, I probably will on my way out of the apartment tomorrow if I go for a walk.  I'm not sure if I'll go over to the other city or not.  I had a great plan, but F has struck again.  Let's hope he doesn't wake up on the wrong side of the bed tomorrow!

Got to go.  Night.

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