August 2, 2014

Saturday - Hot and Sunny

A great day!

This morning I got up quite early and put on the TV for a bit, then turned it back off because there was nothing on.  Sigh.  I did watch Gordon Ramsey this morning. He made American style meals and they looked darn good.  

F came home and since he didn't seem to want to move much, I went back to bed. I really only planned to lie there for a bit and then get up, but I did nap a little.  Still, I was up and then dressed fairly early.  

F suggested going to the Daiichi Hotel for lunch, so I agreed with him.  I thought it was a good idea. And it was.  We both had pasta, it was sauteed pork with edamame and carrots in a cream sauce.  It was nice.  It came with kabocha soup, salad, and tea or coffee and dessert.  Very nice!

After lunch we went to karaoke.  We actually went to the Internet Cafe, and used one of their karaoke rooms. We sang for 3 hours.  It was lots of fun and we sang a lot of different kinds of music, at least I did!

When we left karaoke we came home for a while.  I found a bumper crop of postcards in my mailbox, so I registered them.  After that, it was time to leave for dinner.

F wanted to go for soba, so we went to the restaurant he wanted to dine at.  Unfortunately, they had closed for the night so we went somewhere else.  His second choice was to go for tonkatsu, so that's what we did.  We had a lovely meal, but we were in the middle of enjoying it when I looked at my watch and realized that we would miss the movie.  Oh dear.  Well, hopefully there is still tomorrow.  

We came home after dinner and I watched the season ending of Revenge.  My goodness! So many odd things happened.  It was fun though.  

F went to bed fairly early tonight. He seems really tired.  I'm up late watching a movie. It's a tad odd, but quite engrossing. It's about 5 people locked in a room for their job interview.  The one that walks out alive is the one that gets the job! Odd. Well, that's about it for me.  I'll talk to you tomorrow night.  Got to go.  Night!

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