August 25, 2014

Monday - Warm and muggy, overcast most of the day.

I got up this morning, a little later than I planned, and went for my walk.  It wasn't too bad for a change.  It wasn't sunny, so I didn't feel too hot and wasn't worrying about the sun that much.  I also didn't sweat quite as much as I have lately.  Yay.

When I came home, I changed out of my clothes and about 5 minutes later F came by to drop something off.  He didn't stay long, didn't really notice that I was sweaty or anything!

I had a quiet morning.  Oh, now in the gap between Charlie's Angels and Charmed, they put on The Middle today.  I'm glad!  I think it is quite a funny show, and it beats an infomercial in Japanese any day.  I had breakfast, then a shower, and a little after that, had lunch.  For some reason I was starving this afternoon.  

I got my computer stuff done and then I turned off the TV and finished writing my column.  I was happy with what I wrote, just hope the editor likes it too.  I finished around 6 pm, just when F came home.  Whew!  I was done.  

I relaxed for a little, but I realized F was hungry and tired, so I started dinner fairly quickly. It was a pretty easy one tonight.  I made a chicken stir-fry.  I had a packet of prepared veggies from the store, but I added some mushrooms, an onion and a cucumber.  It was nice.  F came and we had a nice dinner.  He even did the dishes afterwards, even though I half offered to do them.

I watched a bit of TV tonight, but I wasn't too mean about it.  I let F watch some too!  I relaxed for a bit and even wrote up 3 Postcrossing cards. I hope to have a little time to do more tomorrow.  

This is an anniversary of something sad for my family too.  I don't know if I mentioned it last year or not….This year it was a quiet one, I'm glad about that.

That's really about it.  My column took up most of my time, and now I have to do a bit of housekeeping tomorrow so that I have clean laundry next week!  Tomorrow I'll go to the post office to mail my cards if I can and cook dinner.  Yay me!  Night.

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