August 29, 2014

Friday - Overcast in the afternoon, sunny and hot in the morning.

A good day.

I got up late today, but still went for a walk.  I was just getting into it when a strange car drove up beside me and the driver said, "Hello," to me.  At first I thought…stalker…but it was F!  He was driving in his work car, had just delivered something to our apartment.  I was surprised to see him, then said bye and went on with my walk.

I had the usual sort of morning that I have usually! It was quiet, calm and nice.  I read the paper, ate breakfast and relaxed.  

I took a shower in the afternoon and then got dressed.  I watched a bit of TV and after a while I scanned my cards.  I ran them to the post office a little before 5 pm.  On the way back from the post office though, something happened.  My back tire blew.  The man at the bike shop had been recommending that I get new tires…guess he was right!  I walked the bike home and parked it.  Sigh.  

During the day, I took some pictures of my lovely new purse.  Would you like to see?  I thought you'd never ask!

Mermaid's Tears Purse
(pattern by Bernat)

Close up on the flower. The thread has a lovely little shimmer to it. It doesn't show in the photographs very well.

The bag standing up.

F was quite late tonight, but I did a few things before he came home.  I set the table, peel the potatoes, that kind of thing.  When he called to say he was coming home, I asked him to bring us some bacon.  I was making German Potatoes from a spice packet in the shop, and I needed bacon.  He brought some home with him, plus a few other things!

When I cooked everything it was very nice.  We had basil sausages, German potatoes (potatoes fried with an onion and bacon, covered in a cheesy-curry sauce…a version of stovies?), salad and leftover asparagus.  

F did the dishes much, much later, and watched a whole bunch of TV too.  There isn't too much on Friday nights for me anyway, but I would have liked to watch something.  Oh well.

Tomorrow I hope that he'll take me to the bike shop to order or buy new tires for my bike.  I know that F is planning to cut the grass around our apartment and if he still feels like it, we might go fishing in the late afternoon if the weather holds up.  Come back tomorrow and find out what we get up to!  Night.


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

Ooh, that's a lovely purse, and what a clever name!

Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

Forgot to say, I also got a new tire for my bike recently. It set me back 3,850 yen, so on par with your rate up there. Mine went flat and couldn't be repaired.

Helen said...

Thank you! It worked up very nicely. It's supposed to be in Yarn, but I used Daiso cotton, it has a little silver thread through it, looks lovely in person.

The name is courtesy of the original yarn company...I can't take credit for it :-)

And, glad to hear about the bike. I often wonder if things are much more expensive up here, I guess they aren't!