August 9, 2014

Saturday-Muggy and rainy, bit cooler

An okay day.

I got up early this morning and made the bed and got dressed.  F was still out visiting his mother and the dentist…no, not together…don't be silly.

I spread some newspaper on the bed and then I took all of the dishes out from under my kitchen sink and put them on the bed.  I got the area under the sink cleaned out.  Yay me.  

When he came back, F cleaned off the island(peninsula?) by doing his usual throwing everything into a box or bag.  Still, it was cleared off. I haven't seen it look so good in years.  

When we were done and resting a bit, he suggested going out for lunch.  Yes…HE did.  Not me.  He wanted to go to his fish restaurant, so we did.  And…I had a great meal there!  I always knew that I liked fish, I just have had bad luck with it! We had the same thing, deep-fried fugu and squid sashimi.  I really liked it.  The fugu came with lemon and it just brightened the taste up so much.  We ate well. We left about 25 minutes to one and came home.  

The pipe guys came at 1:00 or thereabouts and were fairly unobtrusive.  They brought hoses into the apartment, but had put down tarps first to save us from the pipe mess.  I let F deal with them anyway as I couldn't talk to them anyway!

After they left, we could hear them working away in other areas of the building.  I read my book, I'm almost done Every Which Way But Dead and I'm loving it!  

F and I left for Mikawa a little after 4.  He wanted to go and see Transformers: Age of Extinction.  We got to the mall, and had a quick bite at the food court then went to see the movie. We split up, I bought the munchies, F got the tickets.  For the next 3 hours we were in the theatre watching the movie.  It was 3 hours of my life that I'll never get back again. Awful movie.  

We came back to Tsuruoka and got a few groceries and then came home.  I made myself a chicken sandwich which I enjoyed.  I watched a bit of TV too.  X-Files was on!  So cool to see it again.  The free BS channel is starting it soon, so this was a preview.  

We had a quiet evening at home and F has gone to bed. He has to go over to his mum's again tomorrow.  I'm not sure what we'll get up to but  I hope it all works out!  

Got to go.  Night!

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