July 31, 2014

Thursday - Muggy but hot

A good day.

I was relaxing at home this morning after my usual sort of morning when F asked me out for lunch.  I told him that I was thinking of going to the mall later for Subway, and so he asked me if I'd like to meet him there for lunch.  I thought about it and decided I could probably manage.  I did!

I biked off to the mall and made really good time.  F arrived a few minutes later and we went over to Subway.  We both had the same thing, Spicy Tandori Chicken on whole wheat and it was good.  Lunch was great!  

F had to go back to work, but I stayed on in the mall and did a little shopping and then had tea at Doutors.  They have their Rooibos tea blends again this year, so I had one with cranberry and acerola.  It was yummy!  I read a bit of my book and relaxed for a while, it was nice.  

I left the mall a little bit after 2 and was home fairly soon.  After a brief rest, I started making soup.  I made Chilled Cucumber Yogurt Soup.  It took a bit of time, but wasn't difficult. I didn't have to cook it at all.  I did all the dishes afterwards and then F called to say he was on his way home.  I took another little rest and then went back to the kitchen and did more dinner prep.  Tonight we had the soup, pork saute, salad and grilled eggplant.  F and I both liked our meal.  It was great! F did the dishes afterwards and I relaxed. 

He watched a bit of TV tonight and then I took it over.  It was my big TV night…House, Bones and then The Good Wife.  I like them all!

I've been doing postcrossings tonight and for some reason got people whose requests took a bit of time to prepare.  One wanted an altered card, so I had fun doing that!

And that was my day.  It really was a good one.  I got out of the apartment, spent a little time out of the place and even cooked a great meal.  Yay me!

Got to go!  Night!

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