September 10, 2014

Wednesday - Hot & sunny, then torrential rain later

A good day.  

I got up this morning when F took the bread out of the bread machine.  My first alarm had gone off anyway, and I wanted to be off early if I could.  My foot was bothering me quite a bit, so I only did a couple of rounds at the park and then came home.  I was even back before F left!

I had a nice quiet morning.  I watched my shows, had breakfast and read the paper.  I relaxed a lot.  I fell asleep on Charmed and only woke up when F called.  I dozed off again, and it was almost 12 when I woke up again.  I took a shower and while I was in there, did a bit of cleaning too.  I had been waiting for F to move the bath cover, or empty the bath, but he didn't.  I did instead.  I cleaned some of the walls and know it looks much better in there.

In the afternoon I used my computer and waited for F to come home.  He finally made it around 2:30.  We decided to go out for lunch, so I suggested Bikkuri Donkey!!. They have lunch until 3, so that's what we did.  I had a burger with a big salad, a bit of rice, some deep fried squid and a big bowl of miso soup.  It was good.  F had another dish that was on their lunch menu too.

We checked the craft store for some yarn for me.  I want to work on a baby blanket while I'm on the trip.  I dislike having idle hands unless I'm reading or something.  The craft shop didn't have the yarn I wanted and what they did have was quite expensive.  Sigh.  After the craft shop, F asked if I'd like to go to the Internet Cafe.  I said I would if I could stop by our apartment to pick up my bag.  That was fine, so off we went.

We were able to get in right away and I watched some of the news and I finally finished up the Benedict Cumberbatch movie on Stephen Hawking.  I did some crochet (long handle for my bag) and reading….finished my current novel (Hunting Ground) and read a bit of an old magazine.  I also watched quite a bit of the regular junky TV that I usually watch! 

F and I left when our 3 hours were up.  We talked about food and I suggested the Japanese place that I like that does soba, udon and sushi, so we decided that would be fine.  Well, verrry sad to say, when we got there it was closed.  As in gone.  Oh no!  We were quite sad.  I liked it because they always treated me like a customer, not like someone to be scared of or curious about.  We went to Aki for okonomiyaki instead.  We had a good meal there and then bought groceries.

While we were in the Internet Cafe, we didn't know that the weather had changed.  It had rained a lot.  When we were at Aki, it rained a lot too.  However, when we were in the grocery store, it started to thunder, there was lightning and the power even flickered off a few times.  The rain was coming down in sheets, so instead of running to the car, we waited in the little table and chairs section.  It was kind of fun actually.  

When it calmed down, we went outside and F drove the car over for me.  We came home and he drove me right to the door.  Sweet! I still got wet though.  

The rest of the night was good.  We had a quiet evening, I turned on the TV around 11 for Grey's Anatomy, I did the garbage up before midnight, and F set up the bread-maker again.  With yeast this time!

Anyway, that's it for me.  It turned out to be a good day after all.  Night!

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