September 2, 2014

Tuesday - Hot and sunny, cool morning

I got up in the morning, close to being on time today and went for a walk.  I went for a few extra minutes too.  Yay me.  It was nice in the park today.

I came home, had my usual morning, which was pretty great, and even took a little nap after noon.  I was so tired.

I had a quiet afternoon…I did a load of laundry, scanned my cards, and then biked off to the post office to mail them.  I had to make a bit of a detour as the road was being dug up.  

When I came home I rested for a minute and then started on my dinner prep.  It took a long time.  I had to peel and cut up a few veggies.  F was home before I got it finished.  Luckily, he popped out again so I got it underway before he came home to stay.

I made my lovely chicken stew.  I thought about putting dumplings on it, but decided not to.  I served it with F's lovely pain de compagne, so it didn't need any really.

Dinner was good and I let F do the dishes.  I'd been cleaning them as I was going, so there really wasn't that much to do anyway.  

The evening was quiet.  F finally found out the name of our hotel on our holiday and it's okay, but not great.  Still, it may be the best of a bad bunch.  

I'm still up, watching Project Runway. I missed it on Saturday night.  It's the unconventional materials episode.  Tonight they're using candy, and it's kind of cool!

Anyway, that's it for me.  I hope to get out tomorrow and do a little shopping, although it may just be shopping for windows!!!  Got to go.  Night!

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