September 23, 2014

Tuesday - Warm and sunny

A good day.

I got up around 9 this morning, but of course, F was up already.  He'd been up for a while today.  I watched Charlie's Angels and then took a shower.  I came back for Charmed and did some darning in of ends on my squares.

We went out for dinner to Simon, a French-Japanese fusion place.  It was really yummy. We had sauteed pork, but I asked for mine without the tomato sauce.  F was a bit surprised, but I pointed out to him that I'm allergic to tomato sauce, so I'm not sure why it was a surprise!  They did serve it to me without the sauce and I was glad to be honest. The meal was lovely though.

After lunch, F wanted to drive to Sakata and look for used tires.  Okay.  He wanted to go home first to get his medicine.  No problem.  We drove off and he decided that he should go to the bank first.  Problem was…he forgot his bank cards.  Back home again!  

We made it to the place in Sakata after a bit of excess driving around and F took a look around and asked a man about the tires.  He didn't like the answers, so we left.  I asked about getting a drink, and then we were near the Sankyo Warehouses, so I asked if we could go in.  We did, and I got even more postcards!  At least these ones are local!!!

We had drinks at Mosburger.  I tried their Iced Berry Tea and it was nice.  We drove home to Tsuruoka, and F checked out the tire shop here.  They didn't have any of the kind he wanted so he left.  He suggested going to the Internet Cafe, but I said that he couldn't as he had promised to help me clean up a room in our apartment.  

We got home and he didn't do anything for ages.  He finally came and helped and asked me to leave him to it.  I did, and there were great thumpings and bumpings from the tatami room.  When he finished, I can't say I was happy.  From mess all over the room, he created a mountain in one corner of the room, the corner next to the window.  I'm worried that if things fall down, they'll break the window.  And, it's mostly my stuff from the school that he's piled on high. I warned him about condensation from the window on my cardboard boxes, but I don't think he cares.  Still, it looks better, and the Fire alarm inspectors will be able to get in that room next week.  Whew!

When F finished he was covered in sweat.  His shirt was two different colours!  He showered and then we went out for dinner to Grado.  We had chicken there, but it was in tomato sauce.  They don't often tell us what is their special of the day.  I ate it, I hope I don't have any side effects.  

After dinner we did a quick grocery shop and then came home.  We did watch a little TV, and F went to bed in a goodly time.  I'm going to bed soon too as I'm very tired.  

I had a good day, and I hope that tomorrow will be good too.  Come back tomorrow and find out what I get up to.  Night.

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