October 24, 2014

Friday - Sunny

A goodish day.

I had a good and quiet day today. I stayed in all day, didn’t go out at all.  F came by briefly and invited me out for lunch, but we had a lot of food at home and I needed the time to work on my column.  

Speaking of which, I finally finished my column. Yay.  It’s not bad, there’s a couple of things that I could have done better, but I almost always say that!  Like Babe, it’ll do!

Before F came home tonight I did my lunch dishes and cleaned up the kitchen a bit.  He was lucky and got to start with a clean slate.  When he came home from work he got started on the nabe right away.  We ate fairly early and it was nice.  He made us a nabe and it was delicious.  I did the dishes after we finished eating.  

Tonight I used my scanner for the first time with my computer.  It’s a bit different, but it does work. Hurray for that.  I uploaded the cards to postcrossing and to my blog as well.  

F got to watch a lot of Japanese TV and after he was done, I watched some American TV too. Yay.  F went to bed fairly early as he was really tired.  I’m going to go to bed soon I think.

I’m not sure what’s on our schedule tomorrow.  F has a dental appointment and might do some chores at his house.  There are a couple of movies in the theatres but I’m not sure if we’ll see them or not.  Come back tomorrow night and see what we get up to.  Night!


Kentucky Lady said...

Have started reading your blog from the beginning!
Was surprised you didn't mention the shooting in Canada. It's made the US news many times over the last two days. So sad!
Will be visitng in Japan for 3 weeks during December. My son, daughter in law and new grandson.
Keep blogging and hope you days are good.

Helen said...

I almost did mention the shootings in Canada, but when I write it is usually quite late at night and I wanted to do it well. It has made the news here too of course, and many of my friends have talked about it on Facebook.

I hope you have a good trip in December. Thanks for commenting!