October 27, 2014

Monday - Rainy and cold

A busyish day.

I got up late this morning. It was so dark outside I honestly thought it was still early so was surprised when I realized it was after 9! Yikes.  I got up, half-watched Charlie’s Angels, drank some tea, checked my email, the usual stuff.

I had breakfast around 11, then didn’t take a shower even though I needed it.  I made the bed, did my computer stuff, read two newspapers and then decided to vacuum the apartment.  I did parts I don’t usually bother with, but first I changed the vacuum bag.  Yay me.  F sucked up some curry a few weeks ago and every time I use the vacuum, all I can smell is curry powder.  

I had a quick lunch today too.  I had some of my leftover couscous with two scrambled eggs on top of it.  That was quite yummy.    When I finished that, I got started on dinner.  I washed, peeled, cut and finally cooked the ingredients for my stew.  For the prep part I watched part of Mr. Selfridge, a BBC series a friend loaned me.  It was great.  

F came home a bit after 6 and was exhausted.  He changed and went to bed right away.  He looked so tired.  I let him have a rest, and checked that he did really want to have dinner tonight.  He did.  

The stew came together really well.  Tonight for the first time I put kabu in it, a kind of Japanese turnip.  They are one of this area’s big products.  I called F and he came.  We enjoyed our dinner, but I felt a bit sad because he only had one helping.  He did the dinner dishes even though I told him he didn’t have to.  

After dinner he watched a bit of TV and we both used our computers.  I did some Postcrossing.  It’s the first I’ve done in a couple of weeks. I’ve been busy!  

And that was my day.  It turned out rather well.  The stew is yummy and I’m looking forward to having leftovers tomorrow. Yay!  I have to go. Night!

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