October 3, 2014

Friday - Rainy with clear patches

A good day.

I didn't go walking again this morning.  I have decided to just let my leg rest for a few days and see what happens.  I got up around 9 and half watched Charlie's Angels as I did my computer stuff.

I went over to the couch fairly early today and did some crochet.  It was lovely to do some again.  I really enjoyed it.  I had breakfast, read through the paper and turned off the TV at 11:30. It didn't go on again for hours.  

In the afternoon I did the stuff I should have done in the morning, and scanned my cards that I was sending.  I ran off to the post office and mailed them away.  Yay.  

When F came home I was in the midst of heating up dinner.  I had washed the dishes and set the table.  I added curry to the stew from last night.  I liked it, but F wanted more curry.  Silly man.  He had his with rice, I had mine without.  

F did the dishes afterwards and then made some bread.  Unfortunately something happened and it didn't turn out very well.  It did taste fine though!  He set up the bread maker again to make some for his mother.  Somehow we've become bread supplier to the dragon.  Not sure why!

In the evening I watched a lot of TV and I didn't let F watch any.  I is so mean!   He did go to bed fairly early though.  It was sad, but he had a long day.

Tomorrow we don't have too many plans.  F is in pain because of the weather, I'm in pain because….I don't know why!  I'd like to go to the mall and pick up my clothes, we may go to a movie, or just relax.  I'm not sure.

That's it for me.  Night.


Rosa said...

Hi Helen! Just wanted to tell you I tried the Sriacha/orange sauce and it was awesome. We actually put it on sauteed baby bok choi. Tasty!

Hope your leg gets to feeling better. Man, your bike incident must've done some damage. :(

Helen said...

I'm glad to hear about the sauce. I loved it too!

My leg was sore before the bike accident...I tend to think I have sciatica in that hip. :-( I do have an interesting collection of bruises now though!

Thanks for visiting.