October 5, 2014

Sunday - Cloudy and cold

A good day.

I was up this morning fairly early, took a shower and then F and I made our way over to Fireball.  At 11 we met up with the other people and went in for lunch.  I met a couple of other foreign ladies today, one of which lives in Tsuruoka!  I hadn't met her before though.  We had a good lunch.  The food was good and the company was too.

After the lunch we had a protracted goodbye and then went to the Kamo Aquarium.  It was a good day to go as the weather seemed to be keeping people away.  F and I, plus my friend and her son had a good time looking at the fish and jellyfish.  We spent quite a few hours there and then left to come home.

Doesn't this look like the cosmos?

When we came home I went to bed.  I slept for about an hour, but I needed it so much.  

F was thinking about dinner and wanted sushi, but since it was a little late then I suggested going to an izakaya.  We did that, and had a very nice meal.  We had an assortment of food, from yakitori, sashimi and salad to bifun and raw veggies.  It was nice.  

We came home and spent a fairly quiet evening together.  We watched a bit of TV, including Project Runway.  

F is in bed already, and I should get myself there soon.  I'm still tired. 

Tomorrow we might go for a drive, but I think I'm going to go to the doctor to see about my hip too.  I've asked F to take me.  Come back tomorrow night and see what we get up to!  Night.

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