November 15, 2014

Saturday - Rainy then cold and windy

A good day!

I set many alarms last night so I would be sure to wake up this morning.  The reason, F wanted to be in the Doctor’s office by 10 am, so I had to be up and dressed at a reasonable time!  We almost made it.

We got into the clinic, F asked many questions about my health because I couldn’t read the form, then a few minutes later we were brought into the back and given the shot.  We were allowed/asked to wait a few minutes to make sure we didn’t have any bad reactions. After that, we were free to go.  Yes!

Because I wanted to use a washroom, and because there was a new grocery store opening, we went to the new Grocery store and had a gander.  It was lovely.  They had a bit of foreign food, the store had all kinds of nice stuff, some “different” vegetables, including the broccoli/cauliflower hybrid whose name escapes me at the moment. And there was cheese!  Aged Irish Cheddar.  I had no idea there was Irish Cheddar!  And the washroom…pretty swanky!  I’ve seen malls that didn’t have such nice ones.  The only downside to the washroom…no soap in the sink dispensers.  Obviously it hadn’t run out yet.  Luckily I carry my own soap.  

We had brunch at the Indian/Nepali restaurant today.  We were the only customers, but had a good meal.  Their curry de jour was cauliflower and chicken and was quite nice.  After though, both F and I said we wished it had been more spicy.  

After lunch we went to the Internet cafe for a few hours.  F wanted some massaging chair time, and I certainly wasn’t adverse to that.  I watched a few shows I don’t usually get to watch like Arrow and Almost Human.  

When we finally decided to leave, we headed out to Mikawa.  We looked at where the new Don Quixote is going to be, but it isn’t open yet.  We stopped into Nitori to look for Christmas presents and got some very practical ones.  Then, we went to Komeri, a hardware store and got a few things for my brother-in-law. (I nearly typed bother in law, but he really isn’t!) 

We went for dinner after that, over to the Okonomiyaki restaurant.  We had a bit of a problem getting in, as the waitress seated someone who came in after us, before us.  F was a bit ticked, but I wasn’t too worried.  We had a couple of okonomiyaki, one with 3 meats and one with kim chee.  The kim chee one was better.  

After dinner, it was back to the mall for more shopping.  We looked in Uniqlo, got something, and ordered something else, then basically hacked around the mall.  By now it was quite late, and the mall was closing so we decided to leave.  Still, we’ve done a bit of our shopping and that’s a good thing.  

We came home and had a fairly quiet evening.  I watched a bit of TV, F watched a little and I commandeered the TV for Downton Abbey.  I’ll probably miss it next week, but I’ve already seen it, so no worries.  

And that was my day.  It was rather nice, busy at both ends, but with a nice quiet bit in the middle.  Unfortunately, I totally spaced on my decluttering today, so I’ll either skip a day or double up tomorrow.  Oops.  Plus my arm hurts, so I can't be expected to clean, can I? Night!

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