December 10, 2014

Wednesday - Fine

A good day.

I got up early this morning but fell asleep on the couch. I tried to watch X-Files, but wasn’t able to.  I did wake up when it was over.  I did a bit on my computer and then went back to the couch to have breakfast, tea and TV.

I had just made the beds and dressed when F called to say that he was coming home to eat lunch.  He offered to get me a bento too, but I said no.  He did bring me a drink so that was nice!

In the afternoon I looked up recipes, watched a little more TV and relaxed a bit.  I turned off the TV for a while after the news and when F came home it was still off.  

Tonight I made a herb mix for chicken and then marinated dinner in it for a while.  After that, I was just starting to prepare the Swiss chard when F came in.  I steamed it today, but made a few fairly harmless errors in it.  

Dinner came together finally and we ate.  It was nice to be honest. 

F did the dishes and I went over to my computer to work on Christmas cards.  For a change, we went out tonight.  We needed a few things from the drugstore and F had to mail something.  Also, we needed kerosene as I had emptied the tank earlier today.  We ran all those errands and then came home and I wrote up more Christmas cards. I’ve got 8 ready to go out tomorrow, but need to get a couple more written too.  The in-Japan ones can wait just a little longer!

That’s really all there is for me tonight.  Tomorrow I have to do Christmas cards and I’ll be cooking dinner too. I think we’re going to have pasta, which I’m glad about!  I’ve been wanting some for a while.  That’s it.  Night.

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