December 15, 2014

Monday - Cold but fine —I didn’t go out

An okay day.

I got up in time to watch X-Files and did so.  It took me a while to get moving. It was so cold in the apartment I was debating covering myself with a blanket on the couch or going back to bed.  I decided to stay up.

A little after 10, F called to say he was stopping by.  He’d had to drive someone to a place nearby and was waiting for them to finish. He told me that he was going to take tomorrow off so he could take me to the doctor.  At first I was a tad put out by that, but then I remembered how sick I was a couple of years ago and thought I’d really rather start getting better before the big holidays when there aren’t doctors around!

I watched America’s Next Top Model with him and it was rather fun.  I think he was bewildered by it.  I was too in the beginning.  He left to go back to work just after it finished.

The rest of the afternoon I just took things easy.  I watched some TV, nothing too great and then around 4:30 started getting ready to cook dinner.  I was going to make a quiche, but wanted to cook it so that F would get it hot.  I prepared all the ingredients, but didn’t cook it.  F called before 5 and said he’d be late. I asked him to call me before he came home so I could start it in the oven.  

He didn’t call for a long time. It was after 7 before he called and I had given up at that point and started it cooking anyway!  When he came home I had just taken it out.  I was able to put dinner on the table fairly quickly, which was great.  

We had bacon and mushroom crustless quiche, salad and hash browns and they were all darn yummy!  Dinner got great reviews.  F did the dishes and I relaxed.

We spent a quiet evening except that P!nk was on WOWOW in concert and I really wanted to watch her.  I did and it was great.  I hope that I’ll be able to see her live sometime, but the chances are pretty slim I think.  I always sing her at karaoke because she’s cool.  The language isn’t always for everyone, but I like her!  It’s funny to think that my niece is the one who introduced her to me.

And that was my day.  Tomorrow I’ll go to the doctor and hopefully get some medicine so I’ll start feeling better soon.  I don’t mind feeling a little bad, but this came on so quickly and I worry I could get worse.  

I’ll update you tomorrow on what I get up to, unless the medicine is the kind that puts me to sleep.  If it is, you’ll have to wait!  Night.

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