December 20, 2014

Saturday - Rainy but warm

A good day.

I slept in this morning.  I am blaming the medicine that I had to take for that!  

However, once I woke up, I got up and got dressed.  F wanted to go out for lunch right away, to a fish place.  Sigh.  I couldn’t face it, so I acted like I hadn’t heard him and suggested someplace else.  We went to Restaurant Futaba and both had a nice meal there.  I had pork and F had a paella with seafood.  He liked it.  

We popped home for a few minutes and then went jeans shopping.  F’s usual jeans have a hole in the back pocket now, so he really shouldn’t wear them anymore.  They look rough!  I suggested that I buy him a pair of jeans for Christmas since he couldn’t think of anything else that he wanted.  

We went to S-Mall first and went to the jeans shop.  F grabbed a couple types of jeans and went to try them on.  They looked terrible!  I’m not sure if it is possible, but they gave him a camel toe and were entirely too small in the butt.  He was a bit put out that I wouldn’t settle for those ones, but they were bad.  Both pairs he tried were the same, and they didn’t have any bigger ones.  

We drove out to Mikawa and had a look there.  We tried Jusco, but their jeans just weren’t right.  I told F that they had to look good on them, since I’m the person who has to look at him in them! We went to the Amerikaya jeans shop and had a look round.  We found a couple of pairs that might do, and F tried them on.  I liked them!  We found a pair that satisfied me, and _F_!  Woot!  We also spent a few minutes and bought another nengajo book.  Why?  We have no idea where the first one we bought is.  Gah!  I’ve looked, F has looked, but nada.  They have to be in the mail by the 25th.  

After we did our shopping, F took the stuff to the car and I looked in a store.  I was feeling better today, but I found that walking fast made me feel off-balanced and a little dizzy so I took everything at my own pace.  

F came back in and we had a small dinner.  I had a tuna crepe and he had some ramen.  Then, we went to the movie.  We went to see The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.  I liked it, but I wasn’t thrilled by it.  At the end, I just felt like something was missing!  

We came back home after the movie and spent a quiet evening in.  I watched Under the Dome and later on Miss Marple, which was great!  I adore Geraldine McEwan and have ever since I saw her onstage in London.  She was amazing there and darn great as Miss Marple.

That’s really about it for my day.  Oh, F helped me order a couple of books from Amazon, so I’m a little excited about that. Tomorrow I’m not sure what we’ll get up to, as F has to spend time with his family.  I hope we are able to enjoy the rest of our weekend though.  Night!

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