December 22, 2014

Monday - Snowy

An okay day.

I woke up quite early today.  Poor F had to go out and shovel snow for ages before he could even go to work.   Then at work, he had to shovel snow for most of the day too.  Urgh.  

I got up to stay around 9 am and watched X-Files.  I was quite busy this morning so I had an early breakfast.  F asked to come home and offered to bring me lunch.  I turned him down for lunch, but did ask for some bread.  The loaf that F had made in the bread maker didn’t turn out this morning.  

F came home and I gave him some tea! He gave me bread so it was a fair trade.  He ate his lunch and then headed back to work.  

I got out my old computer and hooked it up to my printer.  I ran off some nengajo using it and they looked so much better than the ones from my new computer.  I’ll have to print some more tomorrow, but I did a few to make sure it would work.

I started dinner a little early.  I started by making some soup.  I combined two different kinds of soup making stuff, threw in some pasta, and let it simmer.  In a little while, there was some nice chicken vegetable soup.  The other things I took a little more time with.  I peeled some potatoes, and prepared the chicken for baking.  When F called me to say he was coming home, I turned up the heat! 

Dinner came together fairly fast, although I had the usual problem of getting F to the table.  He never wants to come over, it is so annoying.  Dinner was great.  The soup was good, and so were the mashed potatoes. I put a bit of cheese in with them tonight.  Yum. F was absolutely shattered after work today, so I gave him a break and let him off the dishes.  He watched some old Japanese stuff on TV and then took a bath.  He’s in bed now.

I wrote a few nengajo tonight and picked some more patterns that I want to print tomorrow.  I hope I have time.  

Tomorrow is a national holiday so I think that many of my friends in Japan will be celebrating Christmas.  I hope that they have wonderful celebrations!  I’m going to wait until Christmas for mine though.  

No idea what we’ll get up to tomorrow.  Come back and find out.  Night!

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