December 28, 2014

Sunday - Clear, but I didn’t go out

A pretty crap day to be honest. 

When I finally got up this morning, about the first thing F said to me was, “Do you want to go to a Japanese restaurant?”  Of course I said no because it’s the last thing I want.   Tonight, when he decided to talk to me again, he explained that it was a really nice, new place…I asked him why he didn’t say that this morning!

He got mad at me and made himself some food and then went to bed.  For hours.  I fixed myself something light and then watched some TV.  I tried to go in and talk to him later, but he didn’t want to have anything to do with me.   And so the rest of the day went.

He made himself ramen around 7, I made myself pasta.  He watched a ton of crap TV, I had to DVR mine.

During the evening I made a bread pudding. I’m going to cook it in the morning for breakfast.  I think it’ll be nice.  

Things got friendlier during the evening, and F went out to get us some yakitori.  He brought some back for us and we ate it and the chicken I had asked for.  I put on Project Runway All-Stars and then Under the Dome and watched them.  
I did about half of my Journal Column and it’s okay.  It’s my year wrap up, so some of it is pre-written.  Hurray for me.  

I’m not sure where I’ll be tomorrow, if I’ll be home or out.  We may go out again tomorrow night, if we do there won’t be an update, so don’t wait up for me!  Talk to you later!  Night.

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