December 3, 2014

Wednesday - Rainy & Windy

A good day.

I got up this morning but I really didn’t want to!  I dragged myself out of bed, it was before 9 am, well before actually.  I decided to nap on the couch instead.  Of course it was much later before I woke up!

I went on-line, read my blogs old entries and then started a few other things.  F called me and invited me out for lunch so I accepted today.  I didn’t have long to get ready, so I dressed and did the usual things I do.

I went outside a few minutes after 12 and F picked me up.  We had lunch at Bikkuri Donkey!! and it was rather nice.  I just had their burg-steak with pineapple.  It’s quite nice.  Sadly, their lunch sets are a bit too high calorie for me right now.  I think it’s the rice they include, it just puts the dishes over my limit.  

After lunch I came home, watched Whitechapel and then got ready to go out.  I made a quick trip to the post office and came home again.

I was starting to think about dinner and what to cook, when I got another call from F.  He asked if there were any movies playing that I wanted to see.  He thought he could get off work right on time, so I said there was at least one.  I agreed that I’d try and get dinner ready to go as soon as he came home.  I did!

Tonight we had some of the leftover Kraft Dinner, some sliced smoked duck, salad, pickles and soup.  It was soup I’d made from a dried veggie mix, but it was surprisingly good!  F was quite impressed with dinner.  He did the dishes fairly soon after dinner and then we went off to Machi-Kine.

We went to see About Time with Rachel McAdams, Domhnall Gleeson and Bill Nighy.  I  really liked it, although F took a bit of a nap in it at the beginning and when we were getting ready to leave, a guy in the seats behind us was fast asleep.  He didn’t wake up for quite a few minutes!  

We bought a few groceries.  We’re going to do a nabe tomorrow night and on Friday we’re going to have Buffalo Wings and maybe pizza.  I’ll have to see!

We had a quiet night at home.  F isn’t doing well with the weather, so went to bed fairly early.  We are forecast to have snow on Friday…Yuck.  I have been enjoying the long Fall.  

That’s me for tonight.  Tomorrow please come back and find out what I get up to.  Night!


Usman Makhdoom said...

Helen, congratulations on 15 years of blogging.

Keeping a diary for so long is no something anyone can ever replicate if they missed out on it. It makes me sad for the past 15 years and what I could have remembered about them, had I jotted down a bit every day or so.

Good for you.

Helen said...

Thank you! I never expected that I'd keep doing this for so long, but I enjoy reading my old entries!