January 1, 2015

Thursday - Snowy and colder

A good day.

I slept in a bit this morning as it was terribly late when we went to bed.  I got up for a bit and then went back to bed for a bit as I was still tired.  

When I got up, we decided to go out for lunch as the sushi place was too busy and wouldn’t take our order! I suggested going to Subway in the mall for a sandwich and then maybe getting something else for later on.  We decided to do that. 

We drove to the mall and parked.  We went to Subway and got into line.  I felt very sorry for the worker at Subway.  Yes, I said “Worker”.  It was the manager and he was working by himself. He was fairly quick and we got through the line quickly.  We had a couple of yummy sandwiches and then toured around the grocery store.  We picked up a couple of sets of things for our dinner and then left the mall.  

We came home.  F went over to his mother’s house and then returned. After a while we watched a dvd that a friend had loaned to me, The Muppet Christmas Carol.  I loved it, F liked it, but hasn’t had as much exposure to the Muppets as I have.   We watched a bit of the last Matrix movie and had dinner too.  Everything was good and we had quite enough.  We also had some dessert as I got F to finally try my bread pudding.  He liked it!
Around 8 pm we decided to go out.  We made our Hatsumode and walked over to Tsuruoka Park.  I used Siri on my iPhone to give me directions and it was rather funny!  She didn’t always want me to go the way I went.  

We did our thing in the Shrine, then walked over to a smaller shrine that is in a corner of the park.  I really like it, it’s all lit up and quiet.  We walked home in the hail type snow.  Both of us felt better for the walk as we were too full before.

Although we thought about watching another movie, we decided not to do it.  I watched some regular TV and a little while ago F went to bed.  I’m sitting at my computer yawning away so I think I’ll try and have an early-ish night for once.  

It was a good day today, let’s hope that it is a good portent for the rest of the year.  Night!

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