January 12, 2015

Monday - Cold and Snowy

A good day, a nice weekend.

I wasn’t hopeful about our weekend, but it turned out very well.  On Saturday morning, F was much nicer than he’d been in days. He asked if I’d like to go to the doctor and I wanted to.  He took me and I got some medicine which seems to be working. 

We came home and I heated up the stew and we both had some.  it was good!  We threw some clothes into a suitcase and drove to Niigata.  

Our hotel was fine. It was a small room, but the bed was big enough and we went out for dinner to an izakaya that F likes.  It was good that night too. I watched some TV in the room that night and also read some of my book.

On Sunday, we had breakfast in the hotel and then went to an art museum in a hotel.  As it was the celebration weekend of young adults in Niigata, the hotel was full of young men in suits and young ladies in beautiful kimono.  The museum was very interesting.  Some of the art was great, others wasn’t that great, same as usual really.  We also had lunch in the hotel, they had a lovely buffet and we enjoyed it a lot. After the hotel, we headed out of the city a little and went to a senbei factory.  We “made” senbei…we flavoured some plain types and then grilled some others, and ate that with some tea.  It was fun actually.  

Grilled and then dipped into soy sauce senbei
 Back to the city and we went shopping.  We went to look for postcards for me and then to the big mall.  We had drinks at Starbucks, bought some CDs at Tower Records and then a few things including a lovely new spatula for cooking.  

We drove back to our hotel and had a lovely dinner at a Mexican restaurant nearby.  I had wanted to go there for a bit and it was great!  I even surprised myself and had a mojito!  We’ll go there again I think.

We went back to the hotel after dinner, I read and watched Downton Abbey.  Yay.

Soup, salad and bun with hot tea
Today, we had breakfast in the hotel, packed up, and checked out.  We drove over to Billboard Place and then did a little shopping.  I was shocked to discover my tea shop had moved…much further away so I might not go there again. We bought some rooibos tea in a department store sale and I got a few more postcards in Loft.  We had lunch at a soup restaurant and it was nice.  Not too expensive or high cal, and on a cold day, was lovely.

Around 1:30 we went over to LoveLa 2 and did a little looking around.  F had dropped his phone earlier and it didn’t work.  He took it to a phone shop and they fixed it for him.  That was good.  Then, we waited to meet up with a member of my women’s group.  She arrived with her husband and we had tea and talking time!  The men talked for a bit, and we chatted away.  We’re both crafters so we had a lot in common!

After we broke up our little party, F and I had a later lunch and then started driving home.  At one of the rest stops we had a dinner and that was nice.  I had beef stew and F had ramen!  To be fair he didn’t have ramen during the rest of the trip.  

When we got back to Tsuruoka we bought groceries and then came home.  I made tea and we had some treats from our trip. Our apartment is still a bit cold, but it’s getting warmer.  F asked me to go to bed at a decent time tonight, so I’m going to attempt it.  

Not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow.  Come back and find out!  Night.

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