January 14, 2015

Wednesday - Clear and sunny

A good day.

I got up early today…a little bit of over-compensation maybe?  It was good anyway.  I watched X-Files, but it was one I had seen recently so I wasn’t too into it today.

I decided to spend the time between my silly shows reading, so I got a good 20 some minutes of my book in.  I’m really glad actually.  I had breakfast, read the paper for today, yesterday and Sunday too a bit later.  I was late going to take my shower as I thought F might call.  He did, just a bit before I went into the shower.  He was on his way home and wanted to get me something.  I let him get me a salad.

After my shower, F was home already and almost ready to leave again.  He went back to work, but he had a headache, poor guy.  He also told me that he’d go over to his mother’s after work.  She needed a few supplies.  

In the afternoon I did a couple of loads of laundry and then had to do some more help with a letter for F’s work.  I was hungry for my lunch at this point and I was typing things for my husband and was sending them to him but he wasn’t getting them so I was rather annoyed.  When it all got sorted out, I took out some time to eat and then scanned a bunch of my postcards.  

F came home a bit late tonight due to seeing his mother.  We vegged a bit and then we went out for dinner.  F suggested two places, and I liked one of them, but then he opted for the other place.  Sigh.  When we got there it was so smoky inside.  He never seems to remember that they don’t have a non-smoking area and I’ve got asthma.  I decided tonight that I wouldn’t have a set meal as it was just too big, so I ordered a vegetable/pork/egg stir-fry dish and then F talked me into sharing a plate of raw harumaki (veggie rolls).  I enjoyed it mostly. It was a little bland, but at least it wasn’t huge.  F’s meal was huge and he kept trying to offload some of it onto me.  I did have a piece of his fried chicken and it wasn’t great.  

After dinner we tried to buy groceries in MaxValu.  We got some of course, but I had wanted chicken breasts and couldn’t find any.  I wanted to make pulled chicken, but can’t.  I’ll do a couple of simple dinners over the next couple of nights hopefully.

We came home and I watched a bit of TV.  I saw CSI and then Scandal.  Is it me, or is the show just getting really silly?  I know we’re supposed to think how wonderful Olivia Pope is, but honestly, if you’re going to have an affair with a married man, why does it have to be the President of the United States? I did a bit of knitting during Scandal.  I’m getting near the end of my scarf.  Yay!  I’m looking forward to getting it done.

And basically, that was my day.  It wasn’t bad at all really.  Tomorrow I think it depends on the weather as to what I get up to.  If the weather holds, I might be able ride my bike down to my hairdressers and get my hair cut.  I’d really love that.  Or, I might stay home and try to tidy up my clothes in my bedroom.  I’d love that too! Come back and see what I get up to!  Night.

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