January 17, 2015

Saturday - Cold and snowy and windy

A good day.

I got up this morning, checked my computer stuff and then took a shower.  I got dressed and then gently suggested that F get dressed too.  My friend was due at 12 and F was still in his pajamas.  He got dressed in time!

F, my friend, her son and I went to the Komagi Spa for lunch.  It was a good choice because they had a lot of food to choose from and it wasn’t terribly busy.  We stayed there for a couple of hours chatting and eating.  It was fun.  After lunch we had planned to go out and do something outside but instead decided that the weather was too awful, so we went to karaoke!  

It was a surprisingly good choice.  The child didn’t really sing, although he did request songs quite often, but F, my friend and I did quite a bit of singing and it was rather fun.  After two hours it was time to go and we split up our little party.  

F and I came home for a while and vegged in front of our computers.  We talked about where to have dinner and finally F suggested Kintaro Sushi, so off we went.  We had some nice sushi there and it wasn’t very busy as it was closing soon, so we had a good time.  

After dinner, we hit up the drugstore for some batteries and then came home.  At home we watched a bit of TV and F went to bed about an hour ago.  I wanted to watch Marple, so I stayed up, but now it’s done, so I think I’ll be heading to bed soon.

Not sure what we’ll get up to tomorrow.  I think it depends on the weather a bit. It isn’t nice out there.  That’s it for me.  Got to go.  Night!

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