January 2, 2015

Friday - Cold and snowy

An okay day.

I got up this morning and as we seemed to be having a lazy day at home, had breakfast.  I even gave some to F.  It was just yogurt and granola, but it was nice to get back to “normal” food again!

We lazed around for a while.  We were supposed to go out, but F started feeling unwell, so we didn’t.  It was lunch time by now and I was hungry so since F didn’t want to go out, I made lunch too.  There wasn’t much I could make, so I settled for pasta with garlic alfredo sauce and some of the leftover chicken we had from New Years Eve.  I made us some tea too.  I called F over when it was ready, he had about 3 bites and said he couldn’t eat any more.  Poor thing.  

He decided to go to the Holiday Doctor and I stayed home.  I did the dishes, and then took a shower.  When F came home, he felt a bit better.  He napped on the couch and when I woke him up a couple of hours later, said he felt better. 

I asked if he was okay to go out for dinner and he said he was.  We went out to Jiro, which was F’s choice.  We had a nice meal there and then went to the grocery store to get a bit more food.  I’m in the middle of making soup and also plan to make breakfast tomorrow for us.  Pancakes!  Yum.

When we came home, I put on the TV and watched bits of things.  F was feeling better and didn’t mind.  It’s now quite late and I have no idea when I’ll get up tomorrow morning or what we’ll do.  That’s it for me.  Talk to you tomorrow night!

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