January 25, 2015

Sunday - Clear, warm and sunny!

Happy Robert Burns Day!

I got up this morning a little before 11.  F had already been over to his mother’s and then came home again.  He was watching TV and using his computer.  He was a dear and made me some tea and gave me some of his yummy bread that he made overnight.  

We decided to go out for lunch and chose the Grand El Sun.  When we got there, it was busy.  From the signs we noticed that they had a bridal fair on.  Cool!  We went to the restaurant and had our lunch.  I had pork, F fish.  It was nice. Today they also had a salad bar set up, so that was a yummy change.  Over lunch I confided to F that I always felt a bit left out because I never got to go to a Bridal Fair!  When we were preparing for our wedding, I lived in Hokkaido so F had to do all of the prep work for our wedding! 

After lunch, we decided to see if we could take a quick peek at the Bridal stuff.  However, we ended up being shown around by the lady that worked on our wedding!  It was kind of cool.  I did feel a bit guilty about it, but it was later in the afternoon and it wasn’t terribly busy, so it’s not like she was avoiding real prospective couples.  The wedding hall has been completely redone since we were there, so it was fun to see all the interesting new parts of it. The new chapel is gorgeous…the one that I got married in is now the Japanese ceremony room.  

After our time at the Grand El Sun, we went to Yamaya and bought a few things.  They seem to be having less and less that I want there, it’s quite sad.  Still, we got a few things and I’m glad about that.

We came home after that.  Well, I did.  F dropped me off and went over to his mother’s to walk his dog and check on her.  She seemed to be fine, so F came home fairly soon.  

We decided what to do for dinner.  I suggested that we go to Coco Ichibanya and then over to the Internet Cafe for a bit.  F liked that idea, so we went off in the car.  Halfway to Coco Ichibanya F suggested going to some place in Fujishima.  I wasn’t thrilled with the idea, but didn’t want to upset him, so said it was okay.  It turned out to be a kind of truck-stop/drive-in.  We went in and actually had an okay meal.  I had oyako-don, chicken and egg on rice, F had a stew type dish.  We drove back into Tsuruoka and went to the Internet Cafe.  It wasn’t too busy and we were both able to get massaging chairs right away.  We spent the next three hours getting massaged. It was lovely!  I watched Fox TV, and specifically an episode of American Idol.  It was an audition show, and one with Adam Lambert as a judge so it was quite cool. I did a little crochet while I was there too.  I started back up with one of my older projects. It felt good to do a little more on it.  

When our time was up, we bought a few groceries, then got gas for the car and came home.  We spent a quiet evening at home and that’s where my story ends!  

Tomorrow I’m not sure what I’ll get up to.  I hope to do a bit of laundry and maybe some cleaning!  We’ll have to see about that one though.  That’s it for me.  Night!

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