February 14, 2015

Saturday - Snowy and cool

A good day!

I woke up this morning with a start.  I had overslept my alarms and felt a presence in the apartment.  It was F, sitting on the couch in the living room.  Yikes!  I didn’t think he’d be back yet.  I got up and then chatted with my hubby for a while.  He left to take his mother out for lunch and I took a shower and then dried my hair afterwards.

When F came back we went out for dinner.  We were going to try one restaurant that we went to recently, but it was booked for the afternoon.  Instead, we tried a coffee shop that was in the restaurant magazine.  It was cold and very quiet in there, it looked like it was a one person operation.  Anyway, the food was excellent!  I had a pot-au-feu and F had a mixed fry lunch.  Very nice.  If it hadn’t been really cold in there I would really have enjoyed myself there.  

After lunch, F picked up some money and we went to the photographers.  We went in and asked about having my passport photos taken.  They did them then and there.  It was a bit expensive, but they are done now.  Whew!

The next thing up was to go to the electronics store.  We decided last night to get me a new printer and today we followed up on it.  F bought me a really nice one, a beige colour that has wifi and prints and scans.  It’s great.  He brought me home, helped bring the box into the apartment, and then left to go over to his mother’s.

While he was gone, I cleaned my printer up.  It was in good shape but was a bit dusty.  Then, I carried it over to the place that F wanted it. Next, I took mine out of the box and carried it to my area.  I was just starting to set things up when F came home again.  He helped me set things up and between me and the cd-rom that come with the printer, I got things working.  Yay!  Then, I had to get F’s printer working too.  I had to download a few things to get it to work, but it finally worked.  Yay me.

It was a bit past our dinner time, so we left.  We went to Cocos and had a good meal.  I had the chicken confit again and F had seafood paella.  We shared the Valentines Day Mud Pie and then came home.  

At home we’ve had a quiet-ish evening.  We talked about some quite serious family stuff, but it was good that F actually told me about it.  I often feel that he doesn’t share family stuff with me.  Anyway, it is late and we should be getting some sleep soon.  Tomorrow I don’t have any plans yet.  F has to go and help his mother and then he’s not sure what will go on afterwards.  That’s about it for me.  Until tomorrow….

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