March 26, 2015

Thursday - Warmish and sunny

A better day.

I went to bed at a normal time, for me, last night.  F stayed up quite late himself!  

This morning I woke up at my usual time, got up and had quite a nice morning.  F popped home for a few minutes, he was quiet, but fairly friendly.  I was on the couch watching America’s Next Top Model.  I’m not sure what my fascination with that show is, but I haven’t seen this season before.  It’s quite interesting actually.  

In the afternoon I had a bagel (F had bought me a couple probably before our argument) with peanut butter and then I headed out.  I went to the craft shop and drooled over the wool.  I thought about getting a few things, but didn’t…Should I? I dunno. I bought something in the drugstore and then started to come home.  Since I didn’t buy anything that I shouldn’t in the drugstore, I decided I needed a treat and had a drink in McDonalds.  It was just iced tea, but it was nice to not be at home.  I read a book on my iPhone, My Japanese Husband Still Thinks I’m Crazy.  Some of it is very good, some of it doesn’t apply as F and I are much older than the writer.

I came home and relaxed for a bit.  Around 7 I started working on my dinner and F came home.  He basically headed into the bedroom and went to sleep.  He hasn’t been feeling well for a while.  

I had dinner.  Basically, I had what I didn’t eat yesterday!  I had chicken, stir-fried vegetables and lettuce from the store, plus an onigiri that F had brought me.  It was quite nice. I also finished the book on my iPhone. I did the dishes and then retired to my computer.

Tonight I put on the headphones and watched my two must-sees, House and Bones.  They were gruesome as always, well, Bones was!  It’s getting more and more gruesome methinks. I also watched tonight’s Massan (the silly NHK 15 minute drama that for a real change is about a Scottish woman who marries a Japanese man and they make whisky in Hokkaido…based on a true story btw.) Ellie collapsed twice in the show, I’m sure she’s not long for this world. It was sort of cool, because some of the characters were speaking English in this episode so I had a clue about what was going on!  I also wrote up 5 postcards for postcrossing.  Yay me.

Around 11:30 F got up and is now sitting at his computer on the coffee table.  He doesn’t seem angry or anything at the moment, which is very nice.  He has a work party tomorrow so he has to be away at it.  I’m looking forward to having a night alone.  I’m not sure what I’ll get up to, but I think it’ll be fun.  

Today is also the 18th anniversary of the day I left Canada to come to Japan.  It’s been a crazy ride, but a reasonably enjoyable one.

Tomorrow I am planning to go out again in the afternoon.  Come back and see just what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Happy Japanversary! (No, it doesn't make sense--but does anything in Japan really ever make sense?) Can you believe you've been there for 18 years?

Helen said...

Thank you! It's been quite an 18 years too! Mostly enjoyable. I don't think I would have even come over if I had known I'd still be after 18 years!

And, yes, you are correct, so much of life in Japan makes no sense at all!

Thank you for commenting :-)