April 18, 2015

Saturday - Sunny, with a cold wind

A good day.  I overslept a bit this morning, but did get up and I took a shower.  I spent a bit of time on my computer and F came home early this week.  Yay!  We talked about going out for lunch. I suggested on place, F suggested another and we agreed on that one.  

We went to the old farm restaurant near Voice.  It was quite lovely.  I had apple flavoured pork and masu-yaki.  It’s a type of trout apparently.  F had pork with another flavour and another fish.  The meal was very nice.  

After our lovely lunch, I suggested going to Yamaya via the Grand El Son to see if their restaurant had re-opened.  It has.  It looks quite spiffy from the outside.  I really hope that it hasn’t become too spiffy pricewise!  We got to Yamaya and did a little shopping.  The best buy I got today was a big block of Gouda. I also got more tuna to make the tuna burgers again.  We spent a few minutes in the hardware store nearby.  I got myself a rubber tube for exercising.  Let’s hope I really try and do it!

We came home and then took a little walk over to Tsuruoka park for our hanami.  The park was lovely, but it was quite windy.  The cherry blossoms are just past their peak, but the weather was bad earlier in the week.  F and I had a tama-konnayku each and then came home.  

Tama-Konnyaku with hot mustard.  If you have seen the latest Gotochi card from Yamagata, you might recognize this!

F went off to his house to take care of his dog, and then came back a bit later.  We had dinner at a restaurant behind Pal. It was great.  F had ramen (that he didn’t complain too much about) and I had a pork chop type of thing that came with soup, salad, and dessert.  

After dinner, we had to race back to Machi-Kine to see our movie.  By the time I sat down, I’d missed all the previews, but luckily was there in time for the movie to start.  We saw Fast & Furious 7.  It wasn’t Shakespeare, but it was so over the top that I was howling at it.  And yet, at the end, I shed a little tear at the lovely way they said goodbye to Paul Walker.  

We came home after the movie and had a quiet night in. I watched Penny Dreadful which was a humdinger tonight and now I’m watching Marple.  I did a little knitting, but I haven’t had that much time for it tonight.  Hopefully I will get it done soon though.

And that is it for my day.  We have plans for tomorrow, so I’ll try and tell you about my day later.  Until tomorrow…. 


Rosa said...

Roger Ebert of all people liked the F&F films. It was his review of one of them that got me to watch the third one on a flight--and I liked it. They are fun and watchable.

A friend of mine worked on this film and was shocked when Paul Walker died; he said he was really a nice guy, not so common in Hollywood.

Helen said...

That was one of the wonderful things about Roger Ebert...he realized that not everyone loved highbrow arty films. I haven't seen that many of the F&F films, but I did see 6 and then of course I'll see anything with Jason Statham in it, so I HAD to see this one!

I've heard from a few sources that Paul Walker was a nice guy, so it is doubly sad that he died. They gave him a lovely send off in the film. I'm not sure if they'll continue the series...quite probably as it is hugely successful, but they were very classy with the way he was written out.

Thanks for visiting today :-)