April 20, 2015

Monday - Rainy

Bummer of a day.

I got up early this morning and went though to the living room.  I put on the telly but fell asleep on it sort of.  I read my blogs and made the bed.  F made a quick appearance but left soon after.

In the afternoon I watched Broadchurch and then took my shower. It was much delayed, but no worries.  Later on I got a delivery from the post office. The bag was soaking wet.  I felt that the postman had probably carried the bag outside of his box, since it was a plastic bag.  I dried it off and then opened it up.  It was the first shipment of my yarn from England.  Unfortunately, there was a problem with my shipment.  One of the balls of yarn was missing.  Sigh.  I sent an email to the company, but when I checked later, their site said they were receiving a high volume of email and to give them 72 hours to respond to emails.  72 hours!  Yikes. 

I took some photos of my recent craft projects and uploaded them to my computer.  Now, this is a sad thing.  I recently, and without thinking, upgraded iPhoto to Photo.  Oh dear heavens.  I can’t do anything with my pictures anymore unless….I purchase iCloud storage.  I don’t want to purchase iCloud storage, which means I can’t edit my photos.  Why oh why did I upgrade?

When F came home I had dinner prep started.  It was an easy-ish one tonight, fresh pasta with bottled Alfredo sauce, salad and smoked duck breast.  I had the table set, the water boiling for pasta, all I had to do was heat up the sauce and slice the duck.  I did those things and just as I was taking the pasta out of the pan and putting it in our bowls, F decided to take out his computer.  What the Hell?  I had told him it would be two minutes.  I told him,”No” and he got angry at me.  I asked if I could turn off the TV, he said no. We haven’t spoken for the rest of the night.  

As soon as I left the table I went to my computer and put on my headphones.  I have written some postcards for Postcrossing and I wrote a few entries for my postcard blog.  I also asked for opinions on my next column.  I didn’t watch any TV at all tonight.  Monday is a wasteland generally anyway, but it is still annoying. 

There is a big storm coming over Japan and bad weather always affects F. He gets very, very cranky, although he’ll never admit it.  I know it doesn’t do his neck any good, but it isn’t my fault.  Anyway, tomorrow is another day and I may just go on strike or something!

Come back later and find out what happens in my little corner of the world.  Until tomorrow….

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