April 8, 2015

Wednesday - Overcast and cool

A good day.

I woke up a little early this morning.  Someone rang the doorbell around 8 am.  That is so annoying.  I didn’t answer the door.  I slept a little longer, but got up when my alarms went off.  

I had my usual quiet morning and it was wonderful!  I managed to relax.  I went back to my reading schedule, but had a bit of a problem when I noticed I had read the same paragraph about 5 times!  There are some times when Eliot’s writing just doesn’t seem to make any sense to me.  I am enjoying the book when the characters are speaking to each other, but when the author is speaking to the reader it loses a little something.  

In the afternoon I watched a couple of the shows I had taped when I was away and had lunch.  I invented something yummy today.  I took one of the leftover baked potatoes and scooped out most of the insides.  I mixed the insides with some chopped leftover duck breast and gouda cheese.  Then I put it back in the shells and baked them. I got impatient, so I microwaved them too.  I put a little sour cream on each half and ate that.  It was amazing!  Really simple and delicious.  Best part?  There’s another leftover baked potato in the fridge!

I was quite surprised when F called a bit after 4 to say that he was finished taking his mother to the doctor and would come home soon.  I had forgotten that he might take part of the afternoon off again.  

He came home and after the news hour finished we discussed what we’d like to do.  We decided to go and see a movie and have dinner.  I suggested the Nepali restaurant and F agreed.  We went there and had a yummy meal.  We both had the “economy meal” with sag chicken curry.  I cancelled my rice because why would you have rice when there was yummy naan? We were given cola to drink (for free) but actually I didn’t want mine, so I let F drink it.  

After dinner we drove over to the theatre and went to see Love, Rosie with Lily Collins and Sam Claflin.  It was fun.  I’d heard it wasn’t very good but really we enjoyed it a lot.  Not the best movie ever, but it was very far from the worst. We were the only people in the theatre too!  

After the movie we went to the grocery store and got some supplies for the next couple of nights’ dinners.  Tomorrow night we’ll have okonomiyaki and on Friday we’ll have sautéed chicken and something with carrots!  

We came home.  I did my usual Wednesday things like preparing the garbage for F to take out and making tea.  I watched quite a bit of telly tonight too.  I missed Nikita, but watched the re-broadcast of Penny Dreadful and the first part of Extant.  Not really loving that last one.  

And that more or less was my day.  I hope to be able to get out of the apartment to do a spot of reading tomorrow.  I’d love to have a cup of tea out somewhere.  Come back and see if I manage. That’s it from me.  Until tomorrow….

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