May 11, 2015

Monday - Warm and sunny

An okay day.

I had a fairly decent night except at one point I did have to braille myself to the bathroom as I couldn’t open my eyes properly! In the morning F left, but vowed to come home soon.  He was going to take the day off work.  He was back before 8:30.  I got up a little before 9,  checked my email and just took my time getting ready.  I took a shower and after F started to complain about how late it was.  Huh?  Apparently he’d promised to take his mother to the doctor too, after us.  From my point of view he could have taken her first, it would have been fine!

Anyway, off to the doctor for medicine.  I got a couple of new kinds and some eyedrops.  The doc didn’t even really look at my eyes!  We got the new meds and then F dropped me off at home.  I didn’t see him again for quite a few hours.

I had breakfast to take some medicine and then did some laundry. I haven’t done any since we came home last week and it was piling up.  I got some things done.  

F came home around 2 pm I think.  To be fair, he offered to take me out for lunch, but I didn’t want to go.  He’d already eaten with his mother.  He napped and I did a few things around the apartment.  

At dinner time I asked if I should cook for us soon, only to be told that he didn’t want to eat anything.  Oh. Hmm.  So, a couple of hours later when he made himself some noodles I wasn’t too surprised.  Although, we were going to have spaghetti, so really…couldn’t we have had that together?  I made myself some spaghetti later on, the instant kind and then did the dishes.

I wrote out three postcards tonight, and didn’t watch much TV.  Monday is a wasteland on TV these days.  F did find us a movie…42, the Jackie Robinson story which was quite engrossing, with good acting in it, so I ended up getting into that.

I’m feeling a lot better today.  The drops, when I can get them in my eyes, do seem to help, and I’m not coughing or blowing my nose as much as I did before.  Both signs of progress I think!

Tomorrow, I’m not really sure what I’m going to get up to, so come back and find out!  That’s it for me  until tomorrow….

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