May 18, 2015

Monday - Cloudy and then rainy at night.

An okay day until tonight.

I got up this morning, had a nice morning.  I even did a walking workout too.  I used my tension cord and everything.  It was nice to be able to do it again.  I took a late shower and of course as I was getting ready to go to the shower room, F came home.  I was quite surprised, and so was he!

I showered, had lunch, did my usual afternoon things and then got a call from F.  He said he’d be late so I decided to start marinating the chicken early.  I did that and put it back in the fridge.  By the time F did get home, I was ready to cook.  I made chicken fajitas tonight.  Instead of the dreaded peppers, I used mushrooms and they were good.  F managed to get me a lime and basically dinner was nice.  There were a couple of bad points.  F “forgot” to turn off the TV when he came and sat down and when I asked him to warm up the tortillas for me, he took them out of the bag.  This is something like the fifth time I’ve asked him to do this for me and he mucks it up (on purpose no doubt) every single time.  It’s even written in Japanese on the bag, but he can’t be bothered reading it.  Anyway, all through dinner (which was really delicious) I kept getting updates from him about the programme that was on the TV.  So annoying because I really couldn’t give a brass tack about it.  

When we finished and I was clearing the table I started talking to him about something but he said something else about the stupid show.  I realized that he didn’t care what I was saying, so I finished up and then went and sat down at my computer.  He demanded to know what was wrong, I told him nothing, so he stormed off to the bedroom, never to be seen again.  I yelled after him that he had to do the dishes, but of course, I did them.  I spent ages on my poor frying pan.  It was black inside.  

I watched The Descendants tonight too.  I was thinking of watching it with someone, but that didn’t happen.  I hadn’t seen it before, but I liked it a lot.  

I did a few postcrossings tonight and I blogged a few postcards on my postcard blog.  I kept busy. 

Since it’ll likely be a day or two before I’m talked to again, I’ll probably come up with a cunning plan for tomorrow morning.  If the weather allows it that is.  Come back tomorrow night and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow…. 

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